Meet your Coaches


Chantelle Lawrence

Chantelle (Mom) started this gym in 2015 with the motivation to create a culture of likeminded people that wanted to get fit and healthy while achieving their goals outside the gym. She has a deep passion for personal development and helping others grow to their full potential. She also loves Deadlifts and a good Roundhouse Kick!


Justus Lawrence

Justus (Husband of Chantelle) has been Crossfitting for 10 years and is a 7 time World Champion in Sport Karate. He also runs two Martial Arts Studios. Justus's mantra is: "Champions are chiseled from the rock of discipline."


Annie Law

Coach Annie has always had a passion for fitness. She has a background in dance and began taking classes at The Box in 2015 and soon after became a coach. Her desire to help develop members of our gym to help them find their full potential is her main goal and finds joy in seeing those achieve things that they never thought they would be able to accomplish.


Tessa Jennings

Coach Tessa was born and raised in Orem Utah. Her fondness for fitness began 11 years ago when she tried Crossfit for the first time. It was love at first lift! She loves watching our program grow into more than just a gym, but a tight knit community!


Tabor Secretan

Coach Tabs was born and raised here in Pleasant Grove, Utah. He has been in love with sports and fitness since birth. He competed in track and field and Football for several years. Tabor loves being on the coaching team because he gets to see all the progress our clients make each time they walk through the door. 


Quinn Hess


Michael Bradley


Meg Moulton

Meg is a Las Vegas native. She grew up dancing and playing basketball competitively. But she fell in love with fitness when she found Crossfit in 2018. She loves being part of the team at The Box because no gym cares as much about their client's personal development as they do their physical goals. This girl is STRONG!


Camie Johnson


Eric Johnson


Bradley Michael